Unique Opportunity
MGT Steel Ltd., the association of Tresman Steel Industries Ltd. and M&G Steel Ltd., provides a unique opportunity within the steel industry. The goal of MGT Steel is to provide the diverse experience of two midsize steel companies together as one entity. What results is the increased capacity to fulfill larger contracts, but maintain the personal attention to your project that a mid-size company can provide. Available to the client are the resources of both companies which include a stream-lined, efficient staff with which to communicate.

Dual Erection
Distinct to this partnership is the ability of dual erection. This concept not only makes the installation process more efficient, but also increases the speed at which your project may come to its' conclusion.

The same concepts that lead M&G Steel Ltd. and Tresman Steel Industries Ltd. to their success as midsize companies, carry through to this joint-venture. Their focus is directed toward quality workmanship and product, reliability and efficiency, and a cost-effective price. M&G Steel Ltd. and Tresman Steel Industries Ltd. are ISO 9000 certified.

The skill and experience contained within MGT Steel Ltd. is invaluable. Both companies are well recognized and distinct within the industry. Benefits of this partnership are not only the combined performance and personal attention to your project, but also the respect these two businesses have earned within their trade by reputation. That reputation being recently demonstrated in projects such as Goreway Power Station in Brampton, Ontario and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Facility in Woodstock, Ontario.